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Monday.. ! The Time For Random Updates!

Time for some random updates. Since I don’t really have anything specific to blog about this week, I figured I’d share a few recent happenings, so here we go:



Last week I made a post [Which you can find here] on the subject detailing in it my thoughts on the social movement that was in response to the horrible crime that happened due to some boy who had his ideals and priorities mixed up. I was honestly expecting some kind of interaction but mostly I was expecting an uproar and people telling me how I was wrong and how I’m horrible for having these opinions but instead there was nothing. It’s safe to assume that the post was simply ignored which doesn’t really bother me all that much. I guess it’s mostly a relief.

My Weekend

On Thursday morning, we started packing for our family resort trip which happens a few times in the year. We were kind of excited, more so than usual, mostly because this time I had board games and cards. We arrived at the apartment which was much more spacious than the usual sweet my dad books on these trips. The rooms were bigger, the apartment itself was nice to sit in and there was a perfect place to set up board games for an all nighter. The weather wasn’t half bad. It was warm outside but there was that occasional cool breeze that felt like a heavenly release from stifling heat.

My cousins, siblings and I walked around and mostly headed towards the marina where there were many shops and cafes there to hang out in. We always had a usual spot to sit at and just hang out. Back at the apartment, we mostly spent the night playing board games and playing cards and all in all, it was quite the weekend. The drive back is usually the fun part. Loud, silly music is played in the car and we sing at the top of our lungs, enjoying ourselves and the company of family. It was a good weekend.


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Playing cards fil durra

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IKEA Corner Desk – DIY Repaint!

So I’ve been working on moving into another room which will gain me bigger space, privacy and a proper desk to actually start crafting! I already bought the bed, I got a shelf unit, a set of drawers and a desk but then I wanted to get a corner desk. It took a few trips to IKEA to actually find it but every time it was either not available or not available in the color I want it in so I decided to do something crazy! I got the corner desk in black and decided that I was going to paint it white. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. There was definitely a lot of sanding involved, a lot of back aches, arm cramps and bruises plastering my legs from bumping into everything. Not to mention the mess of black dust and primer that stained my legs and arms. It was difficult but it was fun and while I was done with the hard part today, the hard part being the biggest parts of the desk, there was still the other half.

Luckily, the other half consisted of smaller pieces of shelves and wood so the sanding won’t take as long as the first time and I am rather glad that the paint and primer that I picked out dry very easily.

Before and after x3 the hard part is done. The rest of the pieces are small.

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And so it begins. Repainting the desk part 1 - sanding.

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More Crafting Stuff!

Last week I ordered some more paper and stickers from Simple Stories and today was the day I got my stuff and I’m so excited! Not only that but I also got my SMASH* Date Stamper and my first ever kit from Studio Calico! The only thing I’m missing is a few stamps and some inks so I went to Ebay and bought the small sets of Distress inks and a few stamps from Tim Holtz Ideology. My collection is slowly growing!

More crafting things! @simplestories_ paper and stickers! I'm so excited!

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Just Another Day…

Today was one of those days that was just another day. Just another uneventful day with nothing really exciting happened. I mostly sat in bed all day because these days my bed operates not only as my bed but also as my desk. I do pretty much everything on my bed due to a lack of actual desk and desk space to use but that soon will be rectified as I am moving into a new room. So I figured I’d tell you about my week instead.

Most would think that’s exciting and I was just as excited earlier this week, especially when I went to IKEA and started buying the basic furniture that I needed. I bought a 160 x 200 cm bed, a shelving unit with drawers and cabinet accessories, a set of drawers to act as a TV stand and a desk which is a part of a corner desk that, at the time, wasn’t available. I was really excited to put things together and redecorate to make the room more personal to me and I had started off piecing together the unit and the drawers with my brothers.

There were certain things that needed to be moved out of the room like old beds, a glass and steel desk that I didn’t want and a giant old TV and such but as the days go by it felt as if things weren’t moving fast enough, they weren’t getting done fast enough which was starting to frustrate me and frustration led to the feeling of today which is ‘Meh’. Nothing particularly special happened today. I had an uneventful day but since I’m sharing my week, let me tell you of another exciting bit of news. I’m applying for an MFA degree in Graphic Design. The opportunity presented itself when my father said ‘no’ to my brother’s wish to go to Japan so instead he’ll be going to the USA and I decided to tag along.

I was going anyway for a vacation but now a chance presents itself to go to school again! I truly can’t wait! Even though thinking about it makes me nervous and anxious. I’ve never been to the US and honestly it frightens me to go but I guess it’s like visiting any other country, we all get nervous at first until we’re comfortable enough to explore.

Survived! [Weekly Post]

A to Z update!

I did it! I survived my first week of the A to Z challenge and I must say it’s been a blast so far. Having to sit in front of the computer and force myself to come up with something to post is challenging. There were days when I knew what I wanted to post about and other days where I had to sit and figure out what to write about. All in all I’m thoroughly enjoying myself and I was able to meet new friends during this journey. I’ll definitely be doing this again next year.




Heavy Thoughts:

Last night I was faced with a type of frustration that usually comes to me when I am faced with legitimately stupid people. Usually when I hear someone refer to others as stupid, I tend to feel bad but this time, I am placing aside my empathy and kindness to truly express what I was feeling.

I was hanging out at my usual place in a chat site that is meant for textual roleplay but most days it’s used for socializing, gibberish, debates that are really arguments and insults being thrashed around when opinions differ and so on and so forth. It’s everything you would expect when in highschool and perhaps worse but I have friends there and it’s a good place to study ‘human interaction’.

Out of no where this girl starts to type about teeth grinding and shakes and how she was high so I was, of course, flabbergasted! Some odd things have been said on this site and you get used to it after a while but I’ve never seen someone openly admit they were using drugs. Now, I did take in consideration that she may have been lying but given the way she was upset about people sharing their distaste for it, I don’t suppose she was. When someone asked her why would she openly admit it all she had to say was “-shrug- it’s a matter of opinion..”.  Naturally, I was disgusted by this. Thousands of people suffer from this horrible affliction and resort to it due to desperate circumstances and here she is saying ‘it’s a matter of opinion’.

My response to her was to next time take enough to grind her teeth till they shatter and I don’t know why but apparently that was rude of me and I was told not to get upset over things that don’t directly affect me. That could be true in some cases but I don’t really appreciate that certain topics be made light of simply to protect the offender’s feelings. I found myself to be frustrated by this, down right upset. Why do people act like this? What were the series of events that led them to believe it was okay to act this way?

I soon realized that we live in a world that makes light of serious topics and I know that sometimes it’s okay to laugh at certain things to lighten the mood but this girl went on saying that her high was ruined and I had half a mind to tell her that advertising something like that will not always garner a positive reaction.  After simmering about it for an hour, it dawned on me that I was probably wasting my energy being upset about something that will most likely never change and something I can do nothing about to fix.



1) What was the most frustrating situation you’ve ever come across?

2) What are your methods of dealing with frustrations that can’t be fixed?

Share your stories in the comments bellow.


Quote of the day:

People don’t like to think of themselves as sinful. They don’t want to believe that they are selfish, evil people who would act much worse if unrestrained by society… Because they believe they act from pure motives, many people live by their own moral code and can always justify their behavior. When that strategy fails they can always think of someone worse than themselves.”        ― Douglas Beaumont