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Just Another Day…

Today was one of those days that was just another day. Just another uneventful day with nothing really exciting happened. I mostly sat in bed all day because these days my bed operates not only as my bed but also as my desk. I do pretty much everything on my bed due to a lack of actual desk and desk space to use but that soon will be rectified as I am moving into a new room. So I figured I’d tell you about my week instead.

Most would think that’s exciting and I was just as excited earlier this week, especially when I went to IKEA and started buying the basic furniture that I needed. I bought a 160 x 200 cm bed, a shelving unit with drawers and cabinet accessories, a set of drawers to act as a TV stand and a desk which is a part of a corner desk that, at the time, wasn’t available. I was really excited to put things together and redecorate to make the room more personal to me and I had started off piecing together the unit and the drawers with my brothers.

There were certain things that needed to be moved out of the room like old beds, a glass and steel desk that I didn’t want and a giant old TV and such but as the days go by it felt as if things weren’t moving fast enough, they weren’t getting done fast enough which was starting to frustrate me and frustration led to the feeling of today which is ‘Meh’. Nothing particularly special happened today. I had an uneventful day but since I’m sharing my week, let me tell you of another exciting bit of news. I’m applying for an MFA degree in Graphic Design. The opportunity presented itself when my father said ‘no’ to my brother’s wish to go to Japan so instead he’ll be going to the USA and I decided to tag along.

I was going anyway for a vacation but now a chance presents itself to go to school again! I truly can’t wait! Even though thinking about it makes me nervous and anxious. I’ve never been to the US and honestly it frightens me to go but I guess it’s like visiting any other country, we all get nervous at first until we’re comfortable enough to explore.