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Z is for Zeal


  1. great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective.
             “his zeal for privatization”

Zeal is something I experienced when I first started this challenge, paired with both nervousness, panic, anxiety but all around excitement. I guess you could say that my journey with this challenge was a bit of a zigzag. It was like watching the stock market chart go up, go really up, then down, down some more, through the roof, crashing down and so on. It started with sheer excitement, looking forward to each post because inspiration was there and stories were a plenty and all was good. I felt I was writing from the heart and I was happy to share my experiences and wait for comments and likes. Then the days rolled by and the letters were getting hard to be creative with and some days I’m late. Most days I say up late to write a post and there was this one time where I had to make a post from my phone because I felt so committed.

Mid challenge and a little towards the end, I was starting to feel a little burnt out. I was questioning the sincerity and genuineness of my posts. The confidence that I had started with had crumbled away into dust, turning into self-consciousness and fear and I was very ready to quit. Luckily, I had friends that kicked my  butt into gear and I pushed through with my zeal returning to me once more and I must say I’m quite proud of myself. It’s definitely a bittersweet end. I’ve come across a few people due to this challenge and hopefully long term friendships will be made.


Q is for Q..

This post is a bit late and somewhat short because I simply had no clue what to write about this letter and I’ve come to learn that it is my second least favorite with the first being K.  It’s quite a difficult letter, Q. Looking at a list of words starting with this letter, I couldn’t find myself relating to any of them, at least not directly. I’ve had many suggestions and one of which was questions but I thought I’d write about what I was struggling with.

Harder letters are yet to come but this one was one those that we don’t use as often as the rest and I can think of a few letters that are similar. Then it made me think of letters in general and how the basis of language are a series of letters that we learn as children and while some languages share the same alphabets, most language don’t. Some languages have more letters than the English Alphabet does and it had me wondering: If I was having a hard time thinking up a word for Q, what it would it be like if the alphabet had more than 26 letters which much more complex and difficult letters to write about?

B is for Brave

For my second submission to this challenge, I bring you the story of bravery and how I was able to manage my fear of stage fright.

It was back when I was still running my magazine. We had quite the busy day ahead of us. After attending and covering a convention, we had a speech to give at the college we graduated from. The college had invited us to give an inspirational speech and talk about our magazine, how we started, what we accomplished and what it takes to maintain it.

Of course, both my partner and I were nervous and during the whole time I was psyching myself up. I was reciting to myself the things I wanted to say, pacing the little stage that we were to stand on in a few moments, in front of many students. Much to our disappointment, only a handful of students arrived but it certainly didn’t make me less nervous. My partner went up first while I sat, flipping through the slides. She spoke about how we started and left the rest to me.

Now it was my turn. My heart was pounding, my palms felt clammy and cold and it felt as if I had been running a hundred miles before I came to stage. At first I introduced myself and started with a few stumbling words. It was hard to make eye contact at first but then I remembered what I recited to myself. I remember telling myself to just speak from the heart. I spoke and the words that came to me were ones that I never thought someone like my could speak. I was passionate about my project, confident in what I was saying. The applause that came after was a relief and so I breathed out with a smile, bravely conquering my fear one speech at time.