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Recently, I’ve felt as though my life has come to stagnant halt. My days have become boring and nothing more than monotonous, repetitive routine of doing nothing but sitting in bed all day and wasting time on the internet. After graduating college, I thought my life was going to be exciting. I had my degree in one hand and great plans in the other and I was quick to look for jobs, eager to start my career in Graphic Design. A few years down the line, mainly two, and here I am, a 24-year-old girl stuck at home with nothing to do but dream of plans and projects and a bright future absent the confidence and motivation to take charge and make things happen for herself.

When did I become this person? How did I become this person? All my life I’ve been dependent on someone to do things for me and it turned me into this lazy, self-conscious person with no real social skills to speak of. Maybe I’m being too harsh on myself but sometimes discovering the truth is usually harsh and difficult to accept. After a year of working with someone who I felt was constantly pushing me down, I realized how much of a push over I really was. I allowed a person to walk all over me, to silence my voice and impede my growth and progress but then I stood up and decided that enough was enough.

You know how they say about each ending marking a new beginning? The next few months after I left my magazine, what felt like the only major thing I’ll ever be a part of or create, life slowed down to a near stop. My days grew boring and time was wasting. I felt myself withering away into nothing until an opportunity presented itself. My younger brother was planning to go to Japan to study but instead he switched to the USA and I realized that I can go with him. I can go to graduate school. So, I started researching the matter, my other brother was already there attending VCU and my sister was going to UVA so why shouldn’t I get the chance to go to? My heart raced with the growing excitement and increased nervousness. The prospect of going to another country, to a different culture, to a place that is usually afraid of people like me, is frightening. All the stories I’ve heard, the stuff in the news, one could only imagine what’s going on in my mind!

At the same time I’m excited about the adventures and the new experiences and about the many people I’m going to meet and the many friends I hope to make! I want to relearn my craft, to delve into its depths and learn all its secrets! I want to rekindle the lost passion and love that I had for Design! I want to break out of my shell and learn new things. I want to use my new-found knowledge and confidence to make my projects come to life. I’m excited about this and nervous. I don’t want to have monotonous days with reoccurring routines of me staying in bed all day and dilly dallying on the internet.

I want to do something with my life, I want to be someone and take charge! so this is the start of my journey. A new milestone.


Monday.. ! The Time For Random Updates!

Time for some random updates. Since I don’t really have anything specific to blog about this week, I figured I’d share a few recent happenings, so here we go:



Last week I made a post [Which you can find here] on the subject detailing in it my thoughts on the social movement that was in response to the horrible crime that happened due to some boy who had his ideals and priorities mixed up. I was honestly expecting some kind of interaction but mostly I was expecting an uproar and people telling me how I was wrong and how I’m horrible for having these opinions but instead there was nothing. It’s safe to assume that the post was simply ignored which doesn’t really bother me all that much. I guess it’s mostly a relief.

My Weekend

On Thursday morning, we started packing for our family resort trip which happens a few times in the year. We were kind of excited, more so than usual, mostly because this time I had board games and cards. We arrived at the apartment which was much more spacious than the usual sweet my dad books on these trips. The rooms were bigger, the apartment itself was nice to sit in and there was a perfect place to set up board games for an all nighter. The weather wasn’t half bad. It was warm outside but there was that occasional cool breeze that felt like a heavenly release from stifling heat.

My cousins, siblings and I walked around and mostly headed towards the marina where there were many shops and cafes there to hang out in. We always had a usual spot to sit at and just hang out. Back at the apartment, we mostly spent the night playing board games and playing cards and all in all, it was quite the weekend. The drive back is usually the fun part. Loud, silly music is played in the car and we sing at the top of our lungs, enjoying ourselves and the company of family. It was a good weekend.


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Playing cards fil durra

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IKEA Corner Desk – DIY Repaint!

So I’ve been working on moving into another room which will gain me bigger space, privacy and a proper desk to actually start crafting! I already bought the bed, I got a shelf unit, a set of drawers and a desk but then I wanted to get a corner desk. It took a few trips to IKEA to actually find it but every time it was either not available or not available in the color I want it in so I decided to do something crazy! I got the corner desk in black and decided that I was going to paint it white. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. There was definitely a lot of sanding involved, a lot of back aches, arm cramps and bruises plastering my legs from bumping into everything. Not to mention the mess of black dust and primer that stained my legs and arms. It was difficult but it was fun and while I was done with the hard part today, the hard part being the biggest parts of the desk, there was still the other half.

Luckily, the other half consisted of smaller pieces of shelves and wood so the sanding won’t take as long as the first time and I am rather glad that the paint and primer that I picked out dry very easily.

Before and after x3 the hard part is done. The rest of the pieces are small.

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And so it begins. Repainting the desk part 1 - sanding.

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More Crafting Stuff!

Last week I ordered some more paper and stickers from Simple Stories and today was the day I got my stuff and I’m so excited! Not only that but I also got my SMASH* Date Stamper and my first ever kit from Studio Calico! The only thing I’m missing is a few stamps and some inks so I went to Ebay and bought the small sets of Distress inks and a few stamps from Tim Holtz Ideology. My collection is slowly growing!

More crafting things! @simplestories_ paper and stickers! I'm so excited!

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#YesAllWomen and my thoughts on it…

Okay.. So.. I am writing this while my heart is racing a thousand miles because I’m pretty sure that you won’t like what I have to say and let me be clear that my opinions and views are my own and you have every right to disagree and even discuss and maybe you’ll convince me but please, I urge you, please do your best to keep it civil and refrain from hate and flame. I am going to try to go about this as sensitively as possible, so here we go:

So, #YesAllWomen.. A social movement, a call for action, that was created and sounded against the horrible actions of Elliot Rodgers and his manifesto that spoke of what he thought of women and what he thought it took to be someone in life.  Normally, I don’t concern myself with Feminism and Feminists as most of the ones I’ve met are radicals of the movement. From what I read from his manifesto, he was a misguided boy with misguided ideals. He was shy, self-conscious and a defeatist who often quits something after convincing himself that it was pointless to pursue given that there was someone else better. His hate and envy grew with him and his priorities became more blurred and confused. He lacked a true identity and any true goal in life other than ‘getting with girls and making it with the cool kids’ but this post is not about him really but more so my thoughts on t his social phenomenon that is #YesAllWomen.

I understand that women have the right to feel safe, that women shouldn’t have to suffer comments or catcalls or any other mistreatment for men, I understand and my aim here is not to belittle that. A lot of the tweets that I’ve read were sad and frightening and given my upcoming trip to the USA, it’s making me quite nervous and scared but what I also see is a condemnation of an entire gender. A lot of these women have had horrible experiences, as have I, but I would never use that as ammo to condemn an entire gender. Monsters will be monsters. Most of you would probably say that this is similar to #NotAllMen but it’s not. I am not defending men or trying to ‘derail’ the conversation but instead thought I’d introduce a new perspective. The problem with today’s western society or society in general is the adaptation of the mentality of “Freedom to ________”.

Women, you’re strong, you’re beautiful but you ask for too much sometimes. You ask for the freedom to do whatever you want, that includes dressing, acting and saying whatever you want but you refuse the idea of criticism. You refuse to acknowledge that sometimes the image you portray has a great effect on how people view you and I know some of you aren’t like that and probably don’t care but sadly this is the world we live in. In my culture, women are encouraged to be modest, to be gentle in voice and in behavior [in public] and men are strictly taught to be respectful and to always act as shields for their sisters and mothers and I never understood why that would be demeaning, how that could be oppressive in any way. I never understood why modesty was so looked down upon in the western world. Each person is responsible for their own actions.

Society and the way things are plays a huge factor. The culture plays a role. I think it’s more look at the life style, look at how it is, what it encourages, what has been made to be important and valuable. I’ll give you an extreme example; to go around fighting for the right to walk around naked but at the same time not expect negative attention to come from it. You condemn men for admiring what society has deemed appealing and ‘sexy’. Yet you yourself show no restraint in how you dress and behave while expecting the world to accommodate you. “I have the right to dress how I want” no you don’t. It’s a privilege that has been misused for ages and the result of it is a culture that is desensitized and can barely show respect for one another.

And what is this incessant need, this obsession to do everything a man does? Why do women have to do everything a man does? Don’t they understand that there are some things a man has to do that a woman shouldn’t bother with and vice versa? There’s nothing offensive about recognizing the differences between you and a man. There’s nothing offensive or demeaning or belittling about acknowledging that while men have a purpose and a role to play in this world so do women. Women these days focus on career and success and being better than men at everything but forget that they have generations to raise and children to educate. Instead the kids are left to learn about the world by other means and end up developing skewed perception and people like Elliot Rodger

I think it’s time for everyone to take responsibility for their actions. Men should stop blaming women and women should stop blaming men. Each individual is responsible for only themselves. Women, it may be hard to hear but you are as much as part of the problem as men are.