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Just Another Day…

Today was one of those days that was just another day. Just another uneventful day with nothing really exciting happened. I mostly sat in bed all day because these days my bed operates not only as my bed but also as my desk. I do pretty much everything on my bed due to a lack of actual desk and desk space to use but that soon will be rectified as I am moving into a new room. So I figured I’d tell you about my week instead.

Most would think that’s exciting and I was just as excited earlier this week, especially when I went to IKEA and started buying the basic furniture that I needed. I bought a 160 x 200 cm bed, a shelving unit with drawers and cabinet accessories, a set of drawers to act as a TV stand and a desk which is a part of a corner desk that, at the time, wasn’t available. I was really excited to put things together and redecorate to make the room more personal to me and I had started off piecing together the unit and the drawers with my brothers.

There were certain things that needed to be moved out of the room like old beds, a glass and steel desk that I didn’t want and a giant old TV and such but as the days go by it felt as if things weren’t moving fast enough, they weren’t getting done fast enough which was starting to frustrate me and frustration led to the feeling of today which is ‘Meh’. Nothing particularly special happened today. I had an uneventful day but since I’m sharing my week, let me tell you of another exciting bit of news. I’m applying for an MFA degree in Graphic Design. The opportunity presented itself when my father said ‘no’ to my brother’s wish to go to Japan so instead he’ll be going to the USA and I decided to tag along.

I was going anyway for a vacation but now a chance presents itself to go to school again! I truly can’t wait! Even though thinking about it makes me nervous and anxious. I’ve never been to the US and honestly it frightens me to go but I guess it’s like visiting any other country, we all get nervous at first until we’re comfortable enough to explore.


24 Random things

So a few days ago I turned 24! Yay happy birthday to me! Instead of a story for this week’s post I decided to make a list in celebration of my birthday but it was also inspired by Part Time Monster who made two lists of her own which can be found here & here ! Though my list is going to have a fun little twist to it! At the end of this list I’m going to tag some of my favorite blogges so that they can tell the world 24 random things about themselves and from then on they can tag their favorite bloggers and so on and so forth!

I figured it’d be a nice little group activity so let’s dive into it! Here’s 24 random things about me:

1.  I like to idly chew on my earphone wires while I’m concentrating on a task.

2. I hate the taste of meat. If you’ve ever smelled raw meat, that’s how it tastes to me.

3. I can’t sleep without pants on or with super shorts on, It makes me feel watched but I also fear that bugs might crawl in my hoohaa >`<!

4. I am the worst at multi-tasking. If you’re talking to me while I’m typing, reading or doing something else, your voice will not even reach my ears.

5. I’m the worst at math. Trying to do math or talking about math or numbers confuses me to the point of no return.

6. Sometimes when I get confused, or frustrated about something, I feel overwhelmed and so I start to panic which often leads to tears of despair.

7. A friend of mine told me that I wrinkle my nose when I’m typing and concentrating and apparently also nibble my pinky nail! XD

8. Ice used to be a delicious snack for me. During college, I used to stop by Coffee Bean to grab a cup of crushed ice to munch on.

9. I discovered that I tighten my jaw when I’m concentrating on a task like crocheting.

10. I think lame or corny jokes are funny.

11. I have a silent laugh that turned out to be a breathy snicker sort of laugh.

12. I used to talk to myself a lot when I was younger and act out scenes from my favorite movies or shows.

13. In class I needed to doodle in order to properly pay attention to a lecture.

14. I don’t know what thirty feels like.

15. I blush stupidly and embarrassingly easy. .///.

16. I Roleplay but in the form of text and writing.

17. I’ve had two failed engagements which resulted in my fear of marriage or commitment.

18. The color red makes me a little nervous/anxious.

19. I have a ridiculous fear of dentists, bees and heights.

20. I haven’t had a boyfriend since I was 18.

21. I love my cat Reese like nothing else.

22. I love chocolate and fruit combinations.

23. Sometimes my emotions are easily read on my face.

24. I think small talk is sometimes annoying if doesn’t lead to an actual conversation.


That concludes my list! I hope that gave you a little bit of insight into my brain space x3! Onward to the tagging! Be sure to tag me back so I can join your journey and learn more about all these wonderful people!


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Happy Tagging!


So.. This weekend was certainly something to celebrate. It was more or less me stepping out of the role of observer into the shoes of participant. Usually I watch the crazy things happen around me while I laugh hysterically at how my sister abuses my cousins on a regular basis but not this time. This time was totally different.

As per every Friday, my cousins, siblings and I headed out to eat. This Friday we chose to have some Asian cuisine.  I didn’t really care as long as I had Sushi. That made me a happy camper. In this lovely restaurant, we had taken a room instead of sitting outside. It was a little closed off but you can still hear the people next door and they certainly could hear us. I tell ya, the one thing I hate to have to suffer in a restaurant more than whining and crying babies, it’s loud & obnoxious teenage girls snickering and squealing and going all crazy.

They were so loud, I had half a mind to just yell “Shut up!” but instead I retained my composure for the time being. One of my cousins hadn’t arrived yet so when he called to ask which room we were in, we naturally gave him the wrong number and listened to him entering the wrong room. It was, of course, hilarious but that was not the most eventful thing that happened that night. As people chattered among themselves, exchanged stories and general laughter was all around, unbeknownst to anyone I was readying an attack on my cousin who was a seat away to my left.

This opportunity had come to me in the form of an ice bucket and a scoop. Reaching out, I scooped some ice and looked around, my cousin still distracted, wondering how am I going to perform my dastardly deed.  I stood up and began to step around and nonchalantly placed myself behind my cousin and with a swift motion, dumped the cubes inside his shirt. The next thing I knew he was flailing about, he fell off his chair and I stepped away laughing so hard, I was sure I was going to pee right there and then.  Of course, the whole table roared with laughter and I returned to my seat, trying to keep my bladder under control. Nobody saw it coming and there was cheers all around.

The usual shenanigans went on as it did every Friday and as such, we all ended up having the time of our lives and no regrets.

A to Z Challenge Reflection

Wow what a journey this had been. I started this blog a few weeks ago and figured it’d be a good exercise to maintain a goal. It was also practice for the crafting blog that is soon to come once I have a good set up and space.  I was new to the world of blogging so naturally I didn’t know about what was going on until adameverhard happened upon my blog and advised me to join. Thank you so much for stumbling upon my new born of a page and giving me that push to join!

I started out excited, the beginning letters were easy and I felt I had a purpose to my day. I had a task to do instead of sitting around and wasting away browsing on the internet. At first I had words for the letters and each word had it’s own story but as we approached the halfway mark, words became tricky and stories became scarce. I noticed a decline in my writing, it felt fake somehow and it made me worry and fear that I wasn’t being genuine enough. I took to my friends, asking them to read my writings and tell me what they thoughts and some had a few harsh words to say but it did help me get back on track. The stories then became personal and I became less afraid of opening up.

Posting everyday for the past month of April was especially a challenge for me because I always manage to quit halfway and never finish. When I reached the letter ‘Q’, I truly thought of quitting then but my close close friend would not allow it. He kept asking for me an entire hour if I had posted or not until I pushed myself to write even if it was about anything so I wrote about the letter ‘Q’. Towards the end of the letters, it became a challenge to find words that related to me, that resonated on a personal level. I wanted to keep it entertaining, genuine, open for conversation and I was hoping that I managed to do that.

I want to send out a special thanks to those who have taken the time to visit my humble little blog and took even more time to comment, like and even share. I’ve come across many creative writers out there that I hope to learn from and I want to tell them all that they’ve done a wonderful job.  For me, participating and being part of such a huge group activity was delightful enough so I couldn’t possibly ask for anything more. Thank you to those who made this challenge possible, thank you to all the moderators that visited my blog and left kind words. It is a bittersweet end and I know, if god willed, I will definitely be participating next year!